Why not offer online money withdrawal (for depositors having debit card) and have the money home delivered within 12 hours? Proof on delivery only needs to be the debit card. A limit of INR 5000 or so can also be placed. Great for moms at home, invalids and for people living in areas with limited access to ATMs.

`You withdraw, we deliver`


Man sees an add for a costly laptop and wants to get rid of his cheap one. Dumps it in the trash, it cleans itself and comes back. Places it in the flowing river, it hitches onto a boat and gets back. Leaves it atop a mountain, it slides down and gets back. On the screen is the message..’Don’t leave me dad!’. He decides to keep it and we show him and his family gathered around it laughing over something.

`You just can’t let it go. Can’t get cheaper,can’t get better`

Potatoes running from the field, onto a peeling machine, to the shredder,from which to hot boiling oil and from there straight onto someone’s wide open mouth. A lip smacking look and we are done.

`Untouched perfection, perfect health, healthy snack`

A Dalmation falls inside the washing machine and his partner in a hurry to join him presses some buttons…and Lo! The machine starts. After a while, a bedraggled dalmation appears, sans his spots!!!

`Our machine clears it all`